Life's Arms

I give you to Life’s arms.

Go flap wildly, seeking the winds that will carry you, in your glorious human-mess.

I give you, my greatest lesson in loving unattached,

I give you to adventure…dark corners of unknown soul searching,

Newfound joy on stones warmed by sunlight, as the skin on your back lies across them.

My son, I give you to life.

I wish for you to receive it lustfully; be greedy and indulge, explore, saturate your bones, mind, and soul with the feel, touch, smell, taste, and sound of being a boy becoming a man.

Scream your warrior cry from a mountain peak, view a star studded sky from a canoe, feel the sacredness of a rose petal soft breast under your finger tips, taste the bounty of mother earth, relish every gift.

Open your good mind again and again, be without knowing,

and ask questions.

When you are too much in your head, MOVE and serve others.

Share everything; yourself, your possessions, life will be far richer this way.

Dance, trust your body, it holds the wisdom,

And laugh, laugh until you cry,

Cry until you find exhausted peace…it is within you.

Be delightfully surprised by others and their stories, do not assume anything.

People are most alike in the human condition; we want to belong to someone,
we fear we are not enough, we want to love and be loved.

Yet, our individual stories of how we dance with desire is unique…get curious about the stories.

And know this most importantly, I am with you as I give you to life’s arms, I am always and forever with you dear son.

The truth is you were never truly mine in the first place, no one owns another,
we were blessed to be brought together by the cosmos.

It is my deepest honor to care for you, teach you, be taught by you, and to love you.

Now go find your wind and flap wildly.

(Author: Andrea Willets)