The Future is Not Female.

The future is not female. The future is not male. 

The future is leaders, healers and bridge builders who can help us cross the gap between sides.

Right now the #MeToo movement is in full swing and continues to reveal the toxic masculinity that has been here for eons and eons.  It's NOTHING NEW.  What's NEW is that it's being revealed. 

Remember: what gets revealed gets healed. 

"First the Revelation, Then the Revolution." - Glennon Melton 

If you can't see it you can't change it, so start noticing all the ways in which we message our children their roles.  

We have boys and girls to raise up into critical thinkers and emotionally aware citizens.  If we don't stop using genders to sell product and superiority we are going to keep feeding our children poison and they will end up sick. Sick is where we are now people. This is rock bottom. 

Now, it's time to start leading and healing and building bridges.  
There is nowhere to go but up.