Revealing the Saboteur

Have you ever noticed that you have inner voices that keep you company in very unpleasant ways when you are alone, distressed, or thinking about making a change?

Meet the Saboteur. (Also referred to as Monkey Mind, Lizard Brain, Gremlins, etc.) 

Saboteur: noun  sab·o·teur \ˌsa-bə-ˈtər, -ˈtu̇r, -ˈtyu̇r\ a person who destroys or damages something deliberately : a person who performs sabotage.

Unfortunately, the voice of the saboteur is an unavoidable part of being human, and if that news weren't bad enough, I'm afraid there's more: where you can find one saboteur, you'll be sure to find more. They tend to travel in packs, and sometimes form gangs (like bad neighborhood gangs). Sometimes they can exist as a whole cast of characters, all with bad advice, and sometimes "ganging up" all at once making you feel as if you are going mad!  

Saboteurs are sneaky. They seem to show up when all is quiet. When we don't have anything to distract us, or anyone to talk to.  They keep us company in the worst of ways, and can actually make us feel exhausted, upset, and convinced that we are incapable, unlovable, un-worthy, and unproductive.  They can talk us out of great ideas and tend to make mountains out of a mole hills, or blow small truths, way out of proportion. They are at their absolute loudest when we threaten the comfort zone.  

The saboteur is designed to keep us IN the comfort zone, away from risk, away from growth, and away from change! 

When ever life dictates a change or an opportunity for growth, they can arrive like a merry band of thieves to steal our joy, enthusiasm and self-confidence.  They make life feel scary, overwhelming, and too risky and so many times we back down off of our dreams or think better of taking the leap, and choose instead to accept the status quo. 

Drawing outside the lines, daring greatly, or living courageously are going to be concepts that the saboteur won't take kindly to. The closer you get to the end of the comfort zone, the louder their voices are going to get. 

So what chance do any of us have in combatting the saboteur's persuasive influence if the above is all true? 


Unfortunately, when we don't reveal them for what they are, or expose their tricks, they can tend to convince of all the untrue things they tell us about ourselves. If we believe all the untruths they tell us, we'll never take risks, grow, or go where the magic happens  <-- tranformation! 

If we never go where the magic happens, we are never going to experience our lives fully, or achieve our greatest potential.

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